Lean Software Development: A Systematic Literature Review

By: Mazzenah Alamry, BSc, University of Limerick, MSc dissertation

Lean Software Development is the application of the principles developed by the Toyota Product Development System. The application of these principles to software development has been studied in many papers and this thesis conducts a systematic review of them. A total of 1,616 papers were gathered from the search results, of which 33 papers were chosen as our final list of empirical case studies. The papers were grouped into four research areas and subsequent research questions were explored. The four research areas were identified as Introduction and Adoption, Attitudes towards Lean Software Development and finally comparative studies to other areas/industries that have adopted the lean methodology. This review should help academics and industry experts to find a common ground of almost all the studies done on lean software development and use this as a map of findings to compare and contrast for their perusal.