Automated build service to facilitate Continuous Delivery

Thesis title: Automated build service to facilitate Continuous Delivery
Author: Ture Karlsson
Continuous delivery can be seen as an evolution from agile software development methods and high demands to deliver working software quickly. It aims to always be able to deliver working and reliable software in short iterations by continuously integrate, build and test the software. This puts high demands on automation and the focus of this thesis is to automate the pipeline between source code and deployable software artifacts. The problem definition of this thesis is to improve and unify the deployment pipeline of software running on Linux at IKEA IT. The project resulted in a service that supports continuous delivery by providing automated building, testing, signing and deployment of software. It runs in production environment at IKEA IT and provides a high level of automation. It was evaluated with help from end users and the evaluation showed that the service is useful for the intended users and automate several steps they earlier have had to do manually.