Inner Source Tutorial: How to Adopt Open Source Development Practices inside Your Company?

ieeesw front croppedInner Source refers to the adoption of open source development practices within the confines of an organization. Inner Source offers numerous benefits, such as increased software reuse, increased transparency and personnel mobility. Inner Source is attracting a lot of interest from industry, including SCALARE partners such as Sony Mobile.

We’ve recently written a tutorial-style article that provides some insights into the adoption of Inner Source. The article has been accepted for publication in IEEE Software magazine, and is expected to be published in Spring 2015. However, the article is already available for download here.

SCALARE Project Kicks Off!

scalare_cakeThe ITEA2-SCALARE project has officially kicked off on December 3rd, 2013. The kick-off meeting was co-located at the Lean Enterprise Software & Systems Conference in Galway, Ireland.

The SCALARE project will soon publish its first Newsletter in early 2014. Meanwhile, the SCALARE partners wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


SCALing softwARE

“Energy management is increasingly depending on software and paradoxically the software is becoming one of the highest growth energy demanders. SCALARE will help for addressing this new info-energy scenario in an efficient and sustainable way.”

–Jesus Bermejo, SCALARE project manager, Schneider Electric


“Since 2009 we have been moving our product development from a traditional waterfall model to a Lean and Agile way of working and now see the need to take the next steps to make our operations even more flexible and faster by scaling our processes to better involve the customer and the delivery chain and also by exploring opportunities to create an eco-system model where we work closely together with our partners to boost speed and innovativeness. We see that the SCALARE project as providing ideal research and collaboration possibilities to take this intention forwards”

–Harri Oikarinen, Director of R&D, Ericsson


“Softhouse is today a leading provider of lean software development expertise in Scandinavia. With the Scalare project we will get a more systematic and powerful approach when helping our customers with scalability issues in the their sw products, processes and organizations. We look forward to contribute with our experiences and to co-operate with our new business partners in the Scalare consortium.”

–Peter Thorman, CEO, Softhouse Consulting